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The anterior support provides significant additional support for drop head syndrome and stiffens the collar, removing some of it's flexibility in the vertical dimension. Comes with a chin pad, support and cover. Measure, cut with large scissors and apply. Remove for traveling in a vehicle.

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The anterior support provides additional support for flexion resistance and gives the collar a firmer vertical dimension. It uses a separate chin pad that has a cutout for the support. It needs to be measured at the correct height, cut with a large, sharp scissors, and fit onto the chin and chest bar. It has clamps on either end to secure it to the collar.

The collar has a natural spring to it which makes it more comfortable and easier to eat and speak. The anterior support stiffens the front of the collar, removing this flexibility. It should be used only if needed. there are some with forceful contractions which pull the head down, or some that will require this additional support for varying reasons.

Because it greatly stiffens the collar, it is recommended to remove the support when traveling. Once it is cut and fitted, this is not difficult to do as the clams pull off and push on.

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