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The quickest method to contact us is via this form, as it is monitored during and after hours. The phone is primarily reserved for orders. At times, a tech will be available for questions. When calling, you will connect to Posture Med. We have a number of specialty head support related websites and it is all under the parent company. If you leave a message, please leave a clear name, number, reason for contact and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. contact information
We recommend a health care professional measure and fit the collar.

For problems due to defect or shipping error, please respond to your confirmation email which you received at the time of your order and problem encountered.


Insurance Codes are: L0160 Collar & L0180 accessories. We do not accept insurance for payment, nor can we determine insurance reimbursement. A prescription will be required for insurance reimbursement consideration. Your prescribing health care professional or you may call your insurance company to inquire about coverage and submitting forms. Coverage is determined according to the limits of your policy and specific details. For example, if the insurance company has paid for a collar of some type, they may not cover this collar.

We do work with ALS associations and you can contact your local chapter to see if you may qualify for their assistance.

Make sure you check your spam/deleted items folder for response from and/or You may call our parent company Posture Med at 800-598-6416. Phone hours are 10am-4pm EST. This is for professional matters and general questions should be via contact form. Ordering is online or email via invoice. If you are asking a questions that is already answered here, you may not receive a response. For example, What are the headmaster collar insurance codes?

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