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Headmaster Collar Sizing

A health care professional is required to measure and fit the collar: This can be your Doctor, Occupational or Physical Therapist.

If you happen to measure in between 2 sizes, please order the smaller size for best fit. Take measurement for headmaster collar sizing beginning at the center point of the chin in the front, straight to the jaw, just under the area where it forms an angle or curve.

The collar sizing should fit as detailed below at

To determine the proper sized collar, use the instruction guidelines below. It is always recommended to have a health care professional assist in measuring for correct size as well as fitting the collar. If you are not sure, ask your doctor or therapist first

Most women will use a small or junior. Most men will use a medium or large. This is just a general guide.

Use a ruler or tape measure and start from the chins center point straight to the edge of the jaw under the ear where it forms an angled curve that you can feel.

measuring headmaster collar

Pick the sizing that matches the number you get from the ruler which corresponds to “a” in the illustration. Again, the smaller collar should be chosen if you fall in between 2 sizes.

You always measure for the Headmaster collar by measuring from the tip of the chin to the angle of the mandible (jaw). As you are trying to get the shortest distance between these two points ( in other words, the bone measurement), it is always recommended to measure with a straight ruler (or calipers, or fingers used as calipers) and to measure under the jaw. Measuring along the side will give you a distorted measure because of curvature, muscle and fat layers, as will using a fabric measuring tape.

Measuring Size Of Headmaster Collar

Infant Collar 2.5 in 6.5 cm
Child Collar 3 in 7.5 cm
Junior Collar 3.5 in 9 cm
Small Collar 4 in 10 cm
Medium Collar 4.5 in 11.5 cm
Large Collar 5 in 13 cm
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Headmaster Collar Sizing Variables

Select the closest size while selecting the smaller sizing if in doubt. In general, average men use a medium and average women use a small. This is not a substitute for proper measuring and fitting by a health care professional.

The Pediatric Size at is softer and may be sized to fit children as young as 6 months of age.

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