Headmaster collar


Headmaster Collar Offers Exclusive Head Support

HeadMasterCollar.com provides a cervical collar that is great for head support and designed for those with ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease, MS, Arthritis, and Motorneuron Disease. Offering secure support, this exclusive cervical collar provides exceptional head control. Hand crafted using only superior quality materials. Find out how Headmaster Collar can help!

The Headmaster Cervical Collar provides proper head support for conditions that require good head support like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, whiplash as well as similar conditions requiring head and neck support which does not completely restrain movement. Recommended by Doctors and Therapists, it was specifically designed for providing safety and comforting support for the head and neck. Available with fast and free shipping within the United States by headmastercollar.com.

Benefits Of The Headmaster Collar

  • Aids in sustaining correct head and neck postural relationship due to muscular weakness.Aids in sustaining correct head and neck postural relationship due to muscular weakness.
  • Perfect using with Arthritis, Motoneuron Disease, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and MS patients.
  • Easily fitted and molded by hand providing a customized fit.
  • Good access to a tracheal tube, if needed.
  • Accessories available to modify function.
  • All parts for the collar are available as replacements.
  • A cool, comfortable head and neck support.t
  • Low heat retention.
  • Low profile collar with an unobtrusive appearance.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Secure head support.

Headmaster Collar Details

Employs a spring steel core, which allows for shaping (and re-shaping, and re-shaping…), and also allows a certain amount of “bounce” or “spring”” to the formed shape without deforming. So once the collar is shaped appropriately, there will be that little bit of spring back action which is part of what makes it more comfortable to wear while eating or speaking.

The Headmaster Cervical Collar will easily support the weight of the head without deforming. However if the wearer has muscle spasms or contractions that pull their chin strongly down to their chest – this can deform the collar. In this case we recommend the use of the Anterior Support, which essentially makes the collar rigid – please see Essential Accessories at headmastercollar.com.